Spotify Direct Streaming Rolling Out to More Apple Watch App Users

In September, we saw that Spotify testing direct music streaming from its the Apple Watch app. Now the feature seems to be finally rolling out to more users. Other music streaming platforms like Pandora already offer a similar feature on Apple Watch.

Many users are able to see Spotify streaming feature appear on Apple Watch. Interestingly, these are not the same set of people who could use the feature in September. In other words, Spotify is extending the streaming feature to more Apple Watch users. The Spotify app on Apple Watch allowed users to control music playback on the iPhone or Mac. With the new feature, Apple Watch users can directly stream Spotify without depending on iPhone.

Like before, the app asks beta users whether they would like to use the new feature. It allows you to stream Spotify on Apple Watch even when you are away from the iPhone. This is very useful when you dont want to carry your iPhone to places like gym or during a jog.

The testers report that they can use the Apple Watch app of the streaming service autonomously without an iPhone to stream music and podcasts over the cellular network or WiFi. This significantly enhances the Spotify app. Over the weekend, Spotify has apparently started to make the feature available to a larger group of its users.

Thanks to the new feature, Spotify users will access their playlists, podcasts, artists, and albums via Apple Watch app. Furthermore, they can listen to music on Bluetooth headphones. The only feature that seems to be missing on the Spotify App is the search function. However, you can use voice commands with Siri and choose your song/playlist.


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