Apple’s New Password Resources Manager to Help Apps Create Strong Passwords for Popular Websites

The Password Manager Resources is open source and is already on GitHub. Thanks to the Password Manager Resources developers will be able to create passwords that match with the requirements of popular websites and services. The list also includes links that can use used to change passwords.

Apple has created a new open source project to help developers of password managers collaborate to create strong passwords that are compatible with popular websites. The Password Manager Resources open source project allows you to integrate website-specific requirements used by the iCloud Keychain password manager to generate strong, unique passwords. The project also contains collections of websites known to share a sign-in system, links to websites’ pages where users change passwords, and more.

Password managers are apps/services that help users create and remember strong passwords. Typically the password manager saves passwords for multiple websites in encrypted forms and lets you log in directly. In other words, you don’t have to go through the hassles of creating a strong password or even remembering one.

Password recycling is a pretty common practice wherein users recycle the same password for multiple websites. So if the password to any one of the websites or services is compromised then the hacker can gain access to multiple accounts. Even in such cases, password managers come to the rescue.

Apple has been working on improving its iCloud Keychain manager. Recently, two new iCloud Keychain features were discovered on an iOS 14 early build. iCloud Keychain is often criticized for not offering important features as compared to third-party alternatives. Hopefully, this will change in the near future.

[via Apple]


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