Leak: Apple Working on ‘Steve Jobs Heritage Edition’ AR Glasses

There have been quite a few leaks surrounding the Apple Glass this week. Leaker Jon Prosser claimed that Apple plans on unveiling the Apple Glass in Q4 2020 or early 2021 and price then for $499. Now, the leaker is claiming that Apple is also working on a ‘Steve Jobs Heritage Edition’ of the AR glasses.

Apple Glass Display

This tidbit was shared by Prosser on the latest episode of the Cultcast podcast (around the 57 min mark). He claims that the “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” Apple Glass would be similar to the gold Apple Watch which the company sold for a limited number of time and in limited quantities.

Apple is seemingly planning on offering the AR glasses in a variety of styles, with the “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” sitting right at the top. It would be a limited time edition, though he does not have other details about its build material or pricing.

A leak from earlier this week detailed that the Apple Glass could be announced by the Cupertino company as a “one more thing” at its iPhone 12 launch event later this year. The glasses would rely on the iPhone for all its processing which also explains its rumored $499 price tag. Despite a Q4 2020 or Q1 2021 announcement, the Apple AR glasses would only go on sale in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. Basically, Apple is only going to preview the AR glasses later this year or early next year and then launch it a year after that. The initial Apple Glass prototypes seen by Prosser were made of plastic but they were all “sleek as hell.”

Reputed Apple journalist Mark Gurman, however, believes that all the Apple Glass related leaks over the last week or so are just “complete fiction.” He claims Apple is going to announce a mixed AR/VR headset in early 2021 and then release it to the public in 2022. The AR glasses — while in development — is not going to launch until the end of 2022 or 2023.

Prosser may have had some accurate Apple leaks, but claiming that the company is going to use the name of Steve Jobs for a limited edition Apple Glass seems a bit too much. It would be very unlike Apple and could offend a lot of employees inside the company who have the utmost respect for Steve Jobs.

[Via CultOfMac]


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