How to Disable Moving Faces in Group FaceTime Video Calls

Video call usage is skyrocketing. Almost every company out there including WhatsApp, Google Duo, Microsoft Teams, etc. are ramping their video call offering with new features and tweaks. Among them, FaceTime looks to be the default choice for iPhone users.  And why not? It’s easy to set up, offers adequate features, and up to 32 people can join a group video call on FaceTime.

turn off moving faces

During group FaceTime video calls, Apple enlarges the tile of the person addressing the meetup. This feature is called Automatic Prominence and Apple does this to highlight the person who is speaking. While it’s useful for small group video calls, some may find the behavior irritating when multiple people are speaking at the same time. With the release of iOS 13.5, Apple has added an option to disable the Automatic Prominence feature in FaceTime. Follow the steps below to turn off moving faces in group FaceTime.

Disable Moving Faces in Group FaceTime

Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone.

Step 2: Navigate to General -> Software Update, and update to iOS 13.5.

update to iOS 13.5

Step 3: After a successful update, open the Setting app on the iPhone and go to the FaceTime app.

Step 4: In the FaceTime Settings, you will find the Speaking option under the Automatic Prominence menu.

Step 5: Disable the Speaking option and it will turn off moving faces in a group FaceTime video call.

turn off face moving facetime

I like Apple’s quick response to address common pain points of users during these times. The company also made Face ID friendly with masks with the iOS 13.5 release and now it’s allowing users to take control of the group FaceTime experience. Did you disable the Automatic Prominence option from the Settings menu? Sound off in the comments section below.


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