Video: Apple Watch Series 6 Concept with Bezel-Less Display Looks Slick

Apple is slated to release Apple Watch Series 6 in the second half of this year. The latest Apple Watch will run watchOS 7 and is expected to offer sleep tracking, measure blood oxygen saturation, support new watch face complications, and much more. A designer has created Apple Watch Series 6 concept that flaunts bezel-less display and to be honest it looks pretty slick.

The concept reimagines Apple Watch with a bezel-less display. According to the concept, Apple Watch Series 6 will pack “much more power and in the SAME Size.” We are not sure whether the designer is referring to processing power or battery backup. Recently, the designer had showcased an iPhone 12 concept with no notch and an in-display Face ID.

Rumored watchOS 7 Features

Apple is expected to usher in a slew of new features on the Apple Watch Series 6. As expected some of the features will be exclusive to Apple Watch Series 6 while the rest will be available via watchOS 7 for supported models. Sleep tracking could be the headline feature of the Apple Watch Series 6, but we are not sure if it would be made available to older watches via a software update. Apple had already leaked its own Sleep watchOS app in the past.

Next up, users will likely be able to configure and customize a watch face by adding widgets and complications. Moreover, users will likely be able to share it with their friends and family. Users will also be able to create a watch face with pictures from their gallery and the same can be shared with others. The company is working on adding standalone features to upcoming watchOS. With this in place, Apple Watch users’ dependency on the iPhone is expected to be reduced.


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