Updated Google App for iOS Brings Support for Dark Mode

Last year, both Apple and Google started offering Dark Mode inside their respective mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. However, not all Google apps had support for Dark Mode on iOS. Starting today, Google will offer Dark Mode to its Google search app for iOS. It will sync with the system theme of your iPhone.

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Internet search giant Google announced today through a tweet that it will start rolling out Dark Mode to its Android and iOS search apps. By default, its updated apps will follow the system theme (Light or Dark), but users can manually change the theme as per their liking.

Users of phones that don’t run iOS 13 can also enable the Dark Mode theme from the Settings section of the internet search app. Once the update hits your iPhone, you would be able to see the message ‘Dark Theme is available’ as soon as you open the app.  The update is rolled out in a phased manner, so if you don’t get it right away, it should be available before the end of this week.

Dark Mode on Google’s search app for iOS uses a dark grey color instead of pure black, so it might not offer as much battery efficiency as expected. Now that the Google search app has Dark Mode on iOS, we want the company to bring the feature to its Google Maps app on iOS.

Other app developers started offering Dark Mode to their apps over the past year. The list of Dark Mode compatible iPhones apps includes Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Fantastical, Feedly, Gmail, Slack, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Google Search App iOS Dark Light Mode

[Source: Google On Twitter]


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