HTC May Launch Wireless Earbuds That Look like Black AirPods We Always Wanted

Struggling smartphone maker HTC is working on its first pair of truly wireless earbuds and they are an AirPods clone when it comes to design. The leaked photos clearly show the HTC U Ear featuring a stem design language for which the AirPods are known for.

There are only two prominent design differences between the AirPods and HTC’s U Ear. The latter will be available in black and the charging pins are located at the front of the stem and not the bottom. HTC could also be working on a white color for its earbuds, though they have not been pictured yet.

The product has received certification from Taiwan’s National Communication Commission, though there’s no clarity on when it will launch.

The AirPods was first launched by Apple in 2016. Since then, numerous Chinese companies have released wireless earbuds with a similar design including Xiaomi.

At one point in time, HTC was among the most prominent Android OEMs out there. It was considered to be the only company that could rival Apple products when it comes to build quality. However, the company has now all but gone irrelevant and has not had a successful product on its hands in quite a few years now. Perhaps, by working on an AirPods clone, HTC is at least hoping to make some noise as that’s the only way to stand out now in the crowded wireless earbuds market.

What are your thoughts on the various AirPods clone available in the market?

[Via The Verge]


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