Apple Watch App Developer Compiles a List of Improvements for watchOS 7

Apple is expected to unveil watchOS 7 at the WWDC. Thanks to rumors and leaks we already know a fair share of what to expect from watchOS 7. David Smith, an Apple Watch developer has detailed his expectations of what needs to be changed/improvised on the watchOS 7.

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He believes that Apple should “Sherlock” its way and replicate third party features on Apple Watch. Smith believes that “Apple’s goal should be to provide the best, most capable experience that suits the needs of the majority of its users. They should pull up the features that resonate with their customers in 3rd party apps. Then they provide the 80% solution, that works for most people but is less flexible or tailored.”

Developers and app makers usually have a negative outlook when it comes to third-party apps being built into the system. However, Smith believes that it has always ended up being a good thing for his app.

The developers talk about the Sleep Tracking feature which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features. Interestingly, David has created Sleep++ app, and thus we can be assured that of his expertise. He explains how Sleep Tracking opens the door for determining how rested and recovered your body is. However, it will come at the cost of battery life. He believes Apple might be holding up the feature until the hardware and OS are efficient enough. And he also adds that Apple might delay the feature for yet another year.

Speaking about activity rings, Smith says that they are inflexible. The developer wonders why the Stand and Exercise rings are fixed when one can choose Move goal. It is quite possible that some of the users might want to reduce the goals. He explains how Apple should give a rest day after six consecutive days of reaching goals. Most importantly, the Streak count should not reset due to this rest day.

Smith wishes that Apple will allow exporting multiple complication types from third-party applications. Currently, Apple apps don’t allow complications of a different type, only system apps are capable of doing this. Furthermore, David also suggests that Apple should add more features related to mental health and health-based reminders.


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