Netflix Stops Downgrading Video Streaming Quality in European Countries

Internet video streaming giant started downgrading video quality in Europe after a request from the European Union (EU). This was done to reduce the load on ISPs and to ensure robust internet speeds for all users in the region. Now, Netflix seems to have reverted back to HD video quality in Europe.

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Since the COVID-19 situation, most countries mandated people to work-from-home. People were also streaming a lot of audio and video, and all of this put a lot of strain on internet bandwidth. To reduce some of that strain, the EU commission had requested Netflix and other video streaming services in March 2020 to downgrade video streaming quality.

Two months later, as COVID-19 lockdown has started to ease and some people have started going to work, Netflix seems to have reverted back the video quality to HD and 4K in a number of European countries. According to FlatPanelsHD, various users in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and other European countries have noticed that the streaming quality has been restored.

HD video streaming and 4K HDR streaming quality seem to have been restored. However, Netflix’s video streaming algorithms are so good that most people didn’t even notice reduced video quality when the company had downgraded it. Only a few eagle-eyed uses were able to spot the difference in video quality.

Amazon Prime Video and YouTube had reduced the video quality to HD in Europe and other parts of the world. Those video streaming services haven’t restored the quality to HD and 4K yet, and there has been no communication from the firms on the matter. While Prime Video offers an option for users to manually choose the video quality, YouTube has downright removed HD (and higher resolution) options from its mobile apps.

[Source: FlatPanelsHD]


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