Leaker Claims Apple’s AR Glasses Aimed for March-June 2021 Announcement

Reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in his latest note yesterday that Apple would launch its AR Glasses in 2022 at the very earliest. However, leaker Jon Prosser who has been accurate about a lot of recent Apple leaks, claims that the company is planning to launch the glasses in March-June 2021. 

AR Glasses

He also claims to have seen the glasses and says they are “sleek as hell.” Jon has promised to share a video and other information about the Apple Glasses soon. There have been plenty of other reports over the last year or two which claim that the Apple Glasses will launch in 2022.

Ming-Chi Kuo has a very solid track record when it comes to Apple products, but Jon has also made a name for himself in recent times with accurate iPhone SE and MacBook Pro related leaks. It is possible that the Cupertino company could unveil the Apple Glasses anytime between March-June next year and then launch them to the public in 2022.

Apple has been working on its AR glasses/headset for a few years now. Multiple references to the AR headset have been found in iOS 13 which confirm that it is indeed real. A report from November last year had claimed that Apple was looking to launch its first AR headset in 2022 followed by its first pair of AR glasses in 2023. The Apple Glasses will run on rOS, a forked version of iOS, and it will offload all resource-intensive tasks to the iPhone for battery life reasons.

Are you excited about Apple’s AR glasses? Will you be happy if the company demos them next year and then launches them in 2022? Or would you prefer if the company directly announced them in 2022?


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