Is Apple Preparing to Launch a New HomePod?

HomePod, Apple’s Siri-powered smart speaker, is currently sold out on Apple’s online store. There can be a multitude of reasons behind the HomePod being marked as sold out, including supply-chain issues or Apple possibly planning on launching a refreshed version of the smart speaker in the near future.


Apple had launched the HomePod back in February 2018. The speaker launched to rave reviews for its audio quality, but its ‘smart’ aspect was a major letdown as the Siri experience on the speaker was notably behind Google Assistant and Alexa. Apple has improved the Siri experience on the HomePod since launch and even reduced its price to a more reasonable $299 from its launch price of $349, but sales of the smart speaker have failed to pick up.

Interestingly, Apple launched the HomePod in India at a price lower than the US earlier this month. So, it is a bit odd to see the company facing supply chain issues with the speaker in its primary market. There have been rumors of Apple working on a cheaper and smaller HomePod that could help the company better compete against the low-cost offerings from Amazon and Google in the smart speaker market. Apple has also changed the underlying HomePod OS base to tvOS which should help speed up the development of the product and add new features to it.

If Apple is indeed planning on launching a new cheaper HomePod, we could see its official unveiling at WWDC 2020 next month. And in case, you still want the HomePod, you can get it from other retailers like Best Buy and B&H.

Update: The HomePod is now back in stock on Apple’s online store.


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