Follow These Steps to Fix AirPods Pro Earbuds Making Crackling Sounds

AirPods Pro users have complained that the wireless earbuds are making crackling sounds when the ANC is switched on. The users waited for the firmware to resolve the issue and apparently that didn’t happen. Reddit thread describes the sound as “popping” or “cracking.”

AirPods Pro

It seems like the AirPods Pro crackling problem is persistent. Some of the users got a replacement pair and yet the issue remained unsolved. It is pretty common for Bluetooth devices to become unclear when there is a lot of interference. However, the issue on AirPods Pro persists even in places where there are no devices.

I think it’s maybe interference from being in busy spaces with lots of other Bluetooth devices. I rarely had interference issues with my old Airpods and when they did it was in super busy areas (think Times Square), and they would just cut out for a half-second if my phone were in my bag or pocket Now, my AirPod Pro develop a crackling after listening for a little while, increasing in a number of crackles until it’s practically unlistenable (5 crackles a second) and I need to turn off Bluetooth and reconnect.”

The usual measures, including resetting the AirPods Pro, getting a replacement pair failed to resolve the issue. As expected, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit are ablaze with many users reporting the same issue with AirPods Pro. Thankfully, the folks at have found a fix that is tested and works repeatedly. The publication has reproduced the issue multiple times and tested the effectiveness of the fix.

If your AirPods Pro is crackling here is what you need to do,

  • Take a sticky tape and apply it to the mesh of AirPods Pro. The glue will remove all the dust sticking to the mesh. You need to do it multiple times so that the mesh is completely clean.
  • After doing it for 10-20 times the tape will remove all the dirt from the mesh
  • Lastly, you are required to take a can of compressed air and blow at the grilles

The above steps should solve your issue. If it persists then you need to take your AirPods Pro to the Apple Service center and have them checked.


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