iPad Pro Owners Report Heavy Battery Drain When Using Magic Keyboard with Trackpad

A number of iPad Pro owners using the device with the Magic Keyboard with trackpad are complaining of excessive battery drain even.

Some users report their iPad Pro’s battery life dropping by as much as 20-25% in just a couple of hours of using the device for writing purposes. In the same scenario when using the Smart Keyboard, the battery life dropped by only around 9%. In some cases, users have reported their iPad Pro’s battery life draining by 25-30% over 3-4 hours even when the device was idle. Unlike Apple’s regular Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro lineup, the Magic Keyboard features backlit keys, though that does not seem to the reason behind the excessive battery drain as turning it off has not led to any improvement. The new trackpad is also unlikely to drain too much battery and cause such a noticeable drop in battery life.

Seemingly, this is a hardware issue as a handful of iPad Pro owners report that they have not been facing the battery drain issue with their replacement Magic Keyboard. So, if you have been noticing high battery drain on your iPad Pro while using it with the Magic Keyboard, you might consider getting the keyboard replaced to see if that fixes the issue.

The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is different from other keyboards in the market because it has a built-in trackpad and it has been designed in such a way that the iPad Pro looks like it is floating when docked. Despite the floating appearance, the iPad Pro easily snaps to the Magic Keyboard’s mount using strong magnets.

Have you noticed heavy battery drain on your iPad Pro while using the Magic Keyboard with trackpad with it?


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