Slack for iOS Is Now Easier to Use with Redesigned Bottom Bar, Compose Button, More

Earlier this year, Slack introduced a major update for the desktop app. Now the app has received a major update for iOS. The whole layout seems to be redesigned with navigation moved to bottom bars. The bottom bar includes “Home”, “DMs”, “Mentions”, and “You.”

Previously, the menu could be accessed by swiping on the three-dot line menu. Slack believes the redesigned bottom navigation bar will help users navigate faster than before. The Slack update on iOS seems to have borrowed some elements from the desktop app. Slack gets the Lightning bolt in the message input field. All you need to do is click on the button and select the preferred tool. For instance, you can choose Simple Poll to take decisions collectively, or use Freshdesk to create a customer support ticket. Slack has fixed a bunch of issues with a focus on improving ease of use. Earlier it was not easy to access the four primary menus and now the update makes it easier by shifting to the bottom. The update now lets you compose messages much more easily with a redesigned Compose button.

As you might have noticed the Slack app on iOS took a lot of effort to do some basic stuff. We had to swipe back and forth to send a message on a particular channel or to a specific person. The update reveals workspace and preferences when you swipe right. Moreover, you can access your previous conversation by swiping left. The Slack 20.05.10 update is already available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Do you feel the new features and layout make Slack easier to use on iOS? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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