Apple Could Turn MacBooks into Wireless Chargers for Apple Watch and iPhones

Apple may have had to cancel the AirPower wireless charger, but it is working on newer ways to offer a wireless charging solution to compatible Apple Watches and iPhones. The company’s new solution would allow MacBooks to act as wireless chargers for smaller devices like smartphones and smartwatches.

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Even though Apple has canceled the AirPower, it hasn’t stopped developing new ways to include innovative wireless charging mechanisms. The Cupertino-based company has applied an application for a new patent that shows how a MacBook could double up as a wireless charger for compatible iPhones and Apple Watches.

According to a patent application filed with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), Apple is developing a way to include two-way inductive wireless charging into its devices such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Users could use this feature to charge a smartphone by just placing the device on top of an iPad or a MacBook.

Apple Patent Two-Way Inductive Charging

The patent talks about one electronic device charging other electronic devices using a battery inside the enclosure and an inductive charging coil that can be used in two modes. The device can wirelessly receive and transmit power, and the controller can be used to choose one of the two modes. Apple could also use the same technology into MacBooks and make it act as a wireless charging base for iPhones and Apple Watches.

The patent titled ‘Inductive Charging Between Electronic Devices’ was first filed in June 2015 and then updated in March 2018. The company updated the patent application once again in December 2019. Documents reveal that the patent has been developed by inventors Darshan R. Kasar, Christopher S. Graham, and Eric S. Jol.

Apple Patent MacBook Wireless Charger For Apple Watch, iPhone

While many patents filed by tech giants like Apple are far away from actually making it to the market, the technology discussed this particular patent could show up in future Apple products very soon. Not only is Apple embedded wireless charging in more devices, but devices like the iPad and the MacBook also have decently large-sized batteries that can offer power to smaller devices like smartphones and smartwatches.

Instead of spending more money on separate wireless chargers, consumers could just place their smartphones and smartwatches on their existing iPads and MacBooks for wireless charging. This is a completely acceptable and easy solution for wirelessly charging iPhones and Apple Watches, without users having to buy additional products. This could one day become a reality.

[Source: USPTO]


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