iOS 14 Code Reveals a Different Type of Activity Ring for Kids Mode on Upcoming watchOS 7

Earlier this month we learned that Apple will be baking in a new SchoolTime mode and kid mode. The premise of these features is that it allows kids to use Apple Watch without the need of owning an iPhone.

The Apple Watch account will be connected to only one iPhone’s Apple ID. This will allow parents to set up and manage their kid’s Apple Watch via their iPhone. It is a smart move since it is not feasible for all the kids to own an iPhone. Furthermore, the iOS 14 code sheds light on how the kid’s mode will function and how different it is from the usual mode.

The Activity Rings

Activity Rings are a quintessential part of Apple Watch. The completion of each ring informs the users that they have reached a daily goal. However, certain health features like ECG are restricted to adults. As expected Apple is apparently tweaking these features so that they will cater to kids’ needs.

The moving rings show you the number of calories burned in a day. However, what works for adults will not work for the kids. For the first time, Apple is likely to replace the way Activity Rings works. Apple Watch will be able to track a goal of 90 minutes across the day instead of active calories burned.

Typically, the Apple Watch encourages its users to partake in sports or any other activities like Treadmill. Kids mode will differ in this aspect and it will encourage kids to be more active and reward them for playing outside. In all likelihood, the new features will be baked into the next major watchOS update expected later this year.

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[via 9to5Mac]


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