How to Blur Background on Skype Video Calls

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Zoom is not the only video conferencing service that has been a spike in its usage as millions of people across the world work from home to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Skype, one of the oldest video calling services out there, has also seen a spike in its usage and it is being used by companies and colleagues for holding virtual meetings. Just like Zoom, Skype also offers an option to hide the background so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your messy room before joining a video call.

Microsoft is using AI to offer a background blur feature on Skype. The good thing is that the feature works to detect your arms, hands, etc. as well so it should be a bit more reliable to use than Zoom’s virtual background which only works properly with one’s face.

Background Blur in Skype: Things to Know

  • Skype’s background blur feature is different from Zoom’s virtual background. The former will blur the background while the latter uses a virtual background.
  • Background blur feature in Skype is only available on PC and Macs. It is not available for iPhones and Android.
  • The feature does a good job of putting you in focus which looks good especially in virtual meetings.
  • The feature is resource-intensive and might not be available on older PCs. Microsoft says it needs a PC with AVX2 for Skype to support the background blur feature.

How to Blur Background on Skype Video Calls

You have the option of blurring your background while initiating a video call on Skype or doing so while you are already on a video call.

Move your mouse over the video button and select the Blur My Background option.

Step 1: While on a video call, move your mouse over the video button and select More. 

Skype Blur background

Step 2: From there, select the Blur my Background option. You will get this option as soon as you initiate the video call and you won’t have to wait for the other party to pick up the call first.

Skype’s video calling features are pretty limited when compared to Zoom. Apart from virtual backgrounds, Zoom offers a number of other useful features that could come in handy. However, if your organization relies heavily on Microsoft’s apps and services, Skype becomes an easy choice as it is pretty straightforward to use.


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