Here’s How Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro Compares to iPhone 6s in Speed Tests

Every year Apple treats us with new and (supposedly) better iPhones. The basic premise of a yearly iPhone update is that it offers new features and better performance as opposed to its predecessor. This is one of the reasons why speed tests between phones have become popular. This time around, PhoneBuff has compared a nearly five-year-old iPhone 6s with the latest iPhone 11 Pro on his latest YouTube video.

iPhone 11 Pro IP68 certification

Apple iPhone 6s was launched in 2015 and it was so powerful at that time it beat other flagship phones in the speed tests. Apple for the first time increased display size on iPhone 6s and offered a larger iPhone 6s Plus as well. The iPhone 6s sold well even after four years of launching in emerging markets like India. Finally, Apple discontinued the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in 2018.

The speed test is pretty interesting since both the devices are generations apart. It is a well-known fact that iPhones tend to get throttled with years of usage and the iPhone 6s used in the test should be no different.

As anticipated, the iPhone 11 Pro crushed the iPhone 6s when it comes to performance. The iPhone 6s took five minutes more to complete a similar set of tasks as compared to the iPhone 11 Pro which did it in 2 minutes and 41 seconds. In other words, the iPhone 11 Pro is at least two times faster than an old iPhone 6s. I wonder if iPhone 6s would come any closer to iPhone 11 Pro if the latter used new batteries. As far as hardware is concerned, the iPhone 6s is powered by A9 chipset while the iPhone 11 Pro Is powered by A13 chipset.

The performance upgrade offered by a successive generation of the iPhone might not be that great. However, the difference in performance increases when we compare an iPhone that is two-three years old with the latest one. If you are still stuck with iPhone 6s, the video above will convince you to upgrade to iPhone 11 Pro.


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