Apple Watch Calls 911 after Driver Was Involved in Accident

The Apple Watch has once again proved to be a lifesaver. According to a user on Reddit, they met in an accident last Monday, and their Series 5 called 911 immediately. Fortunately, it wasn’t a life or death situation, and the passenger didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Although the lives weren’t in danger this time, Apple Watch did call 911 when needed.

Apple Watch Fall Detection feature

The Apple Watch Series 5 does not have a special feature for car crash detection. However, its Fall Detection is capable of detecting sudden impacts. And it appears that the feature was triggered when the Reddit user’s car crashed, which made the smartwatch call the emergency services. The Fall Detection feature was introduced with Apple Watch Series 4, and hopefully, the brand will continue to offer this lifesaver feature in future smartwatches as well.

A number of Apple Watch users seem to turn off the Fall Detection feature, as it triggers even to slightest impacts. While it is frustrating to turn off the false alarm each time, the feature does play its role in emergency situations. So, if your Apple Watch has a Fall Detection feature, we urge you to turn it on. You may be irritated by its false alarms, but it will save your life in emergency situations.


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