How to Get 6 Months of Apple Music Subscription for Free

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Apple has been offering a three-month free Apple Music subscription via the Shazam app for quite some time. For the holiday season though, Apple is running an even better campaign in which it is offering six months of Apple Month subscription for free.

The offer lasts until the New Years’ Eve so make sure to pull the trigger on it before that. The process is relatively simple as well and all you need to do is use the Shazam app. You can follow the steps below to get six months of Apple Music subscription for free. However, note that the offer is only applicable to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

If you are an existing Apple Music subscriber, you can still take advantage of this campaign. Simply cancel your Apple Music subscription first and then proceed to unlink Apple Music from Shazam. This can be done by opening Shazam, going to its Library followed by Settings. From there, find and press the ‘Disconnect Apple Music’ button. Now, follow the steps below. Do note that you will only be getting three months of free Apple Music subscription instead of six.

How to Get Six-Month Apple Music Subscription for Free

Step 1: Open the Shazam app on your iPhone. If you are using the app for the first time, use it to identify a song.

Step 2: Now tap the Library button on the top-right corner or just swipe to the right. You should see the recently identified song under the ‘Recent Shazams’ list. Tap on the song name and select the ‘Open in Apple Music’ option.

Step 3: The six-month Apple Music promo should now automatically show up on your iPhone’s screen. Tap the ‘Try it free’ option which will redirect you to the Apple Music subscription page. A coupon code will be automatically generated and filled in.

In case the promo button does not show up for you, open Shazam, go to its Library, tap the Settings button followed by the option to link it to Apple Music. You should now get the promo button to show up.

If you have previously claimed a free month or two of Apple Music subscription in any of Apple’s past promo, you are only going to get a free month of subscription. Most users are reporting that they are only getting a maximum of 4 months free.

Once claimed, you can enjoy using Apple Music for free for the next 3/6 months. After the offer ends, you will be charged the usual $9.99/month for the streaming service.

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