PSA: Beware of Fake Yalu, Taig Jailbreak Tools for iOS 13

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A Motherboard report details how internet marketing firms pay journalists to link to fake jailbreaking websites. It is quite common for scamsters and marketing companies with malicious intent to create fake jailbreak tools and websites for new and upcoming iOS releases. Usually, the jailbreak community is quick to report such fake tools and take them down before they can harm a significant number of users.

The Motherboard article highlights how Insfra Technologies tried to pay them to link to a number of fake jailbreaking websites. One of them was a copy of the Yalu jailbreak tool. The second website was for an iOS 9 jailbreak from TaiG. As renowned iOS hacker Luca Todesco tells in the report, the problem is that the TaiG group never got around to releasing an iOS 9 jailbreak.

“Hi Admin / Advertising Team, Looking for a place to publish a paid guest post about iOS Jailbreaking,” Madusanka Premaratne, the co-founder of a marketing company, wrote in an email addressed to me and VICE’s sales team.

A quick Google search shows one such fake Yalu jailbreak website ranking at the top for iOS 13 jailbreak when no such tool exists.

Many of these fake jailbreaking websites already rank high on Google search, with some of them even ranking at the very top. It is unclear why these fake jailbreaking websites are created — for the ad revenue or to try and harm iPhones and iPads of unsuspecting users.

Whatever the case might be though, you should always stay away for them. You should particularly stay away from websites ask for money to jailbreak your iPhone or iPhone. If you are really looking to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you should follow a website like ours to stay up to date on the latest jailbreaking news, tools, and tweaks.

If you are looking to jailbreak iOS 13 on your iPhone, you need to wait as there is no tool out there yet. A jailbreak tool, Checkra1n based on the checkm8 exploit might be released today or this weekend that will support jailbreaking iOS 13 on iPhone X and lower devices.

[Via Motherboard]


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