Checkra1n iOS 13 Jailbreak Teased with Cydia and Zebra Package Manager

The team working on checkra1n, a new jailbreak tool based on the unpatchable bootrom exploit checkm8 has tweeted a teaser photo showing package managers Cydia and Zebra installed on an iPhone SE, 7th gen. iPod touch, and an iPhone X.

The photo shows an iPhone SE running iOS 13.1.2 with the Zebra package manager installed. Then there’s the 7th gen. iPod touch running iOS 13.1.3 with Cydia installed. Lastly, there is an iPhone X with Cydia icon on its home screen.

Most users will likely be already familiar with Cydia, by far the most popular package manager for jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Zebra is also a package manager, though it is nowhere as popular as Cydia. Sileo — another popular package manager — is missing from the screenshots, though that should not be surprising since it is backed and developed by the Electra team and has so far only supported their jailbreak tools like Chimera. Its development has also been suspended for the foreseeable future so it is unlikely that we will ever see Checkra1n work with Sileo.

While there’s no ETA on the release date of checkra1n, the photo should get a lot of people excited since it shows that iOS 13 has already been jailbroken using checkm8. The team will likely release checkra1n to the public after a few more weeks of testing and ensuring that things are working as intended.

Whenever it is available, checkra1n should support all iPhones running iOS 13. The checkm8 exploit that it is based on itself supports iPhone 5 and newer until the iPhone X and it paves the way for a permanent jailbreak for these devices. This means that checkra1in will also be compatible with iOS 13.2 whenever it is released by Apple.

Are you looking forward to the release of checkra1n? Or you don’t care about it since it does not support newer iPhones like the iPhone XS and iPhone 11?


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