This Jailbreak Tweak Brings the Apple Watch Home Screen to Your iPhone

Honey jailbreak tweak

One of my biggest gripes with iOS is its barely customizable home screen. Sadly, Apple has not fixed this issue with iOS 13 and there is no jailbreak tweak to radically enhance the iOS 12 home screen as well. A new jailbreak tweak called Honey does aim to fix this problem to a certain extent by bringing the Apple Watch home screen to your iPhone.

Compatible with all jailbroken iOS 11 – iOS 12 iPhones, Honey from developer @BlakeBoxberger brings the Apple Watch home screen to your device. This is the same developer which previously brought the list style app drawer from the Apple Watch to jailbroken iPhones via the HomeList tweak. Honey brings the same row of icons in a honeycomb-like pattern to your iPhone as seen on the Apple Watch. While you are ultimately still getting a bunch of icons on your home screen, at least the layout is different this time around.

The tweak has been optimized to work properly on the relatively large display of the iPhone when compared to the Apple Watch. It has been done very well and even replicates the Apple Watch Home Screen UI animation. It also comes with plenty of customization options including the ability to set the background blur, hide the native iPhone dock, add widgets, tweak notification badge, change the layout for the home screen grid, app icon shape, and more. The only issue with the tweak is that you cannot uninstall apps from your Apple Watch inspired home screen.

If like me, you are bored with the default iOS home screen, you should definitely try out this jailbreak tweak. Honey is available on the Dynastic Repo for a one-time payment of $2.99.

Download: Honey


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