Luca Todesco Teases tfp0 Exploit for iOS 13

iOS 13

Luca Todesco, a renowned developer in the jailbreaking scene, took to Twitter to tease a tfp0 exploit for iOS 13 beta 2. A tfp0 exploit is a kernel task port which forms the base of an iOS jailbreak as it allows developers to write to the kernel memory.

Before you get too excited, it is extremely common for jailbreak developers to tease potential exploits for a jailbreaking tool for an unreleased iOS version. Lucas is not going to detail this exploit to the public or release an iOS 13 jailbreaking tool anytime soon as the OS itself is in beta.

Developer @iBSparkes had previously teased Cydia on an iPhone 8 running iOS 13 beta 1.

While it is good to know that iOS 13 can be jailbroken, it is important to note that we are not going to see any iOS 13 jailbreak tool release until at least the public release of the OS in September. Even after that, most developers will likely wait for a few more bug-fixing iOS 13 releases before dropping a jailbreak or a potential exploit for the jailbreak.

Do not end up upgrading your iPhone to iOS 13 beta 2 in hopes that a jailbreak for the OS is around the corner. Instead, stick to your iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak setup especially since downgrading from iOS 12.3 to a jailbreakable iOS firmware is not possible without having the required SHSH blobs.


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