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How to Unlock iPhone 4 (on baseband 01.59.00)

How to Unlock iPhone 4 (on baseband 01.59.00)

Here you will find the methods which are used to unlock iPhone 4:

1. Ultrasn0w Unlock : Ultrasnow unlock is a software based unlock for iphone 4 which requires jailbreaking your device using the available jailbreak tools [JailbreakMe-Greenpoison - Limera1n-Redsnow-Snowbreeze-PwnageTool].


Pros : 
> Free to download and install

Cons :
> Requires jailbreaking
> Only available upto iPhone 4 on baseband 01.59.00 [02.10.04 - 03.10.01 - 04.10.01 not supported] .
> Unlock can be lost with during updating to latest firmware

2. Gevey Sim Unlock : This method works by implementing a hardware unlock procedure in which the Gevey Sim Interposer is used to make calls to a predefined emergency number which is allowed on all locked mobile phones . As soon as the call is made , the interposer with its programmed hack will unlock your device .

Pros :
> Requires no jailbreaking
> Easy to do unlocking method . No skills required .
> Easily available on Amazon and other online sites .
> Can unlock all basebands and Firmware .

Cons :
> Expensive Unlock Solution
> Fake Gevey Sim available in the market
> If signal is lost while you are out of network locations like inside elevators or underground , you need to redo the complete unlock process .

3. IMEI Unlock : In this method the provider will take your IMEI number which is unique to every mobile device . This IMEI number will be then put into Appleā€™s white list , so that the next time you sync your device with iTunes , it will be permanently unlocked .

Pros : 
> Official permanent unlock solution
> Unlock is not lost and works exactly like a factory unlocked iphone .

Cons :
> Very expensive
> Not very reliable as the source of the unlock is not know.


Information source: www.iphone4jailbreak.org