Unlock iPhone 4 04.11.08 or 04.10.01 Baseband without Jailbreak

iphone unlock 04.11.08

It used to be rather simple with Ultrasn0w back in the early iPhone era, but these days, users tend to be limited to either requesting the carrier to unlock the device, or using the ethically-dubious GEVEY interposer, which requires a spoof-dial to the emergency services.

Completely out of the blue, though, there seems to be a method circulating around the Web which suggests that Apple's latest and greatest smartphone - iPhone effort can be unlocked (including baseband  04.11.08), without ANY hardware or software mods!!!

Now, before we present to you this rather simple step-by-step unlock, we must clear up that as far as we know, it only unlocks AT&T iPhone 4S devices.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, insert your AT&T SIM into your iPhone 4S.

Step 2: Make a drop-call to 611, which is AT&T‘s customer service number. Once you’ve dropped the call, activate Airplane mode.

Step 3: Remove your AT&T SIM and replace with the T-Mobile one

Step 4: Ensure that Wi-Fi is deactivated completely by “forgetting” any automatically connected networks.

Step 5: Now deactivate Airplane mode on your iPhone 4S. Your device will begin searching for a signal. You will be met with the Apple splash screen followed by the familiar activation screen.

Step 6: EDGE network should automatically activate, and if all has gone well, you should see that "E" in the top-left corner of your iPhone’s screen.

Step 7: After a 20-30 second waiting period, switch your phone off, and back on again. You should once again see that Activation Required screen.
Step 8: Once you notice a signal bar, hit Use Cellular Connection
Step 9: Eject your SIM, after which you will see the activation notice for the third and final time.
Step 10: Finally, re-insert your SIM, and your iPhone 4S should be unlocked!