iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released!


iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released

iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1 untethered jailbreak has now been released.

As most of you might already know by now, iOS 7.1.x has been out for a few months and if you want to preserve your device’s jailbreaking potential, then you must avoid updating to it at all costs as the Evasi0n7 untethered jailbreaking tool has, as we expected, been patched by the Cupertino-based company in this latest update.

Even though Apple pushed out several iOS 7.0.x releases without patching Evasi0n, it was something of a formality that iOS 7.1 – the first major update since iOS 7 arrived in September – would not be so accommodating. The first couple of betas seemed to let things slide, but with Apple getting to work on counteracting the exploits in the latter releases, it was evident that the final, end-user version would almost certainly be locked down.

Whether the Evad3rs team has any exploits up its sleeve, or plans to get to work on iOS 7.1.x, remains to be seen. With the software now halfway through its life-cycle, it may well be that any current progress is saved for the battle against iOS 8 later on this year, in which case, it’s even more essential that jailbreak fans remain on iOS 7.0.x for the time being.

The cat-and-mouse battle is ongoing, and now, it will be intriguing to see how the jailbreak scene responds. Thanks to Evad3rs, which includes seasoned jailbreakers like Pod2g and MuscleNerd, Cydia has been thriving, with many great tweaks, apps and themes having appeared over the past couple of months. We sincerely hope that this trend will continue, whether iOS 7.1.x is breached or not, but by refraining from updating, you can ensure that you and your iOS device remains a part of the fun.

So, the take-home message here is this: do not update to iOS 7.1.x. If and when a jailbreak is made available, we will – as ever – let you guys know, and provide our usual tutorials and step-by-step guides on how you can go about jailbreaking your device.

Until then, though, sit tight, remain on your current firmware, and continue enjoying the many wondrous tweaks provided by the scene.