MacBook Air now gets C battery-based external battery source

If you think you will one day be left out in the open with no power outlets to charge your MacBook Air’s battery, but are given a crate full of C-sized batteries, then here is something you may like. Bird Electronics has come up with a new solution for this in which you use C-sized batteries to power up your MacBook Air.

iCloud Communications sues Apple for its iCloud service

Every time Apple announces something new, a small company will file a lawsuit against it for violating its patents. This has happened again. A small company based in Phoenix called iCloud Communications has sued Apple over Apple’s new iCloud service. You can guess the reasons, they are quite obvious.

iOS 5 brings more than just Twitter integration

When iOS 5 was introduced in the WWDC a few days ago, only Twitter integration into the OS was showcased. But now, it is found that iOS 5 brings more than just Twitter, probably almost the whole of social networking. The integration services offered include Facebook, Flickr, LinkiedIn, MySpace, and the ability to add a custom service as well, along with Twitter.

Unlock iPhone 4.10.01 Baseband with Redsn0w

Jailbreaking your iPhone will free it from the restrictions that are imposed on it by Apple. After jailbreaking you can unlock the iPhone using Redsn0w. Recent news of jailbreaks and unlocks for the iPhone are announced almost every day. An update to Redsn0w allows you to jailbreak the iPhone 4/3G/3Gs. Its developer Geohot discovered the exploit that is used in his latest release, Limera1n. Redsn0w is a tethered solution which means you have to connect your iPhone to your computer when your battery dies and/or you need to re-boot the device.