Restart to Safari feature in the new Mac OS X Lion

Apple has added a new feature into the latest release of its OS, the Mac OS X Lion. The new feature is called “Restart to Safari”. This feature may sound pretty much like the Google Chrome OS where you can access only the web browser and none of the other features of the computer or the OS.

Using A Gevey SIM Will Unlock iOS 5

The Gevey SIM has always been an alternative to use when software fails as it is compatible with most iPhones. Apple will be releasing the iOS 5 for the iPhone in the fall and you will still be able to unlock it by using a Gevey SIM. The procedure works since it does not rely on any software modifications to the operating system.


A Jailbreak Solution For The iOS 5 Is Already Worked Out

Apple will be releasing iOS 5 in the fall. Developers have had access to the beta version for one day. There has already been an announcement by MuscleNerd, one person on the iPhone Dev Team, that a jailbreak solution has already been successfully used on an iDevice running iOS 5.

It should also be noted that iOS 5 is only available for