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Is Microsoft trying to the limelight from Apple

Is Microsoft trying to the limelight from Apple

We all know that Apple will be announcing and starting the iCloud service very soon at the WWDC this year. But less of you may know that Microsoft is trying to do something similar with its services to gt the attention. The company is starting a subscription service with its Xbox Live. The subscription will be for TV series.

The rumors say that this will be announced at the E3 event, which is just hours away from now. And with this, the rumors say, that Microsoft is giving many other big announcements. Some say that it might me the next gen gaming console from Microsoft, the successor of Xbox may be here. Microsoft may have choose this time for all this as Apple is showing off its iCloud, which many have been waiting for from a long time.

So do you think Microsoft will be able to steal the limelight from Apple on this? Not only Microsoft, Electronic Arts  and Ubisoft are also expected to make some serious announcements. Ubisoft is probably making some big press releases at the event.

So now, lets wait till the E3 event and see who is going to showcase what. I’m pretty sure Microsoft will do a lot to shift the attention of its customers from Apple to itself.