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Unlock using a Gevey SIM to unlock iPhone 4 and upgrade the baseband

Unlock using a Gevey SIM to unlock iPhone 4 and upgrade the baseband

There are many ways you can unlock the iPhone that are available to use. The choice might be determined by the baseband or operating system of the device. But there are unlocks that are available for all baseband and models of iPhone. The only sure way that you are able to unlock all baseband iPhone versions is to choose a Gevey SIM.

While the Gevey SIM has been around and is a tried and true method there may be some issues you may encounter. But these are easy to get around. For instance you may receive the messages “evey SIM” or “no service” that might prevent you from proceeding. You may find that you receive this message either minutes or even hours after you install the Gevey SIM. If this happens all you need to do is to turn the iPhone off, take both the original SIM and the Gevey SIM and put them in the iPhone together. Then turn the iPhone back on and you should see the Welcome menu appear. When you see it click on “accept”.

When you see the “no service” message you don’t need to do anything as in a few minutes the signal bars should appear. When you do see the signal bars dial “112” and hang up within two seconds. Place the device into airplane mode and turn the iPhone off. You should see the message “SIM Failure” and “no SIM card installed” next. What you need to do is to place the phone into airplane mode again and turn the phone off. After turning the phone back on you should wait until the signal bars appear again. When your carrier of service is displayed you can take the device out of airplane mode.

It may take performing the above procedures a couple of times before you are successful. The Gevey SIM is a SIM “interposer” that you use alongside the SIM that came with your iPhone.

Even with the few issues you encounter using the Gevey SIM it is one of the easiest methods to unlock any baseband version of the iPhone.