iOS 5 brings more than just Twitter integration


When iOS 5 was introduced in the WWDC a few days ago, only Twitter integration into the OS was showcased. But now, it is found that iOS 5 brings more than just Twitter, probably almost the whole of social networking. The integration services offered include Facebook, Flickr, LinkiedIn, MySpace, and the ability to add a custom service as well, along with Twitter.

These integrations may come as a lot to some people, but for those who consider an online presence very important, this is just the thing they have all been waiting for. Android users will be familiar with this feature for a long time now. But for iPhone users, this is completely new. Apps and tweaks like FacebookSync now have no place on iPhones.

This was brought to light as one of the developers who follows AllThingsDigital reported the blog about this. The article on the blog said:

Imagine entering in your credentials and seeing your social network friends and contacts automatically synced and merged with your phone contacts.

So now what do you think? Do you think this is just what you wanted all long? Or does it make no difference at all for you?