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Techniques Used To Unlock Your iPhone

There is sometime confusion about the process of unlocking the iPhone. There are many sites online that promise products that just don’t work. Before you decide to unlock your iPhone you need to be certain that the product you are buying will do what it promises to do.

Ultrasn0w Released To Unlock The iPhone 4

Musclenerd is a member of the iPhone Dev Team and has developed the unlock for the iPhone 4 running iOS 4 and above. Apple attempts to disable the exploit used has not been successful. The latest exploit is an “aggressive compiler optimization”.

Things To Know About Unlocking Your iPhone


If you have never unlocked your iPhone then there are some things you need to know in order to do it in the safest manner. There are software iPhone unlocking solutions as well as hardware ones that perform the unlock process in different ways. It can be confusing when researching online just to know what it the best method for you to use.