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You Can Unlock The iPhone 4 4.10.01

The iPhone Dev Team promised and have come through with a carrier unlock iPhone 4 4.10.01. Ultrasn0w is the solution if you want to get out of being stuck with the AT&T or Verizon networks. In order to be able to use Ulrasn0w it had to be completely rewritten due to the new baseband operating system.

Musclenerd Brings The Latest Jailbreaking News

Muscle Nerd is a member of the iPhone Dev Team who blogs to keep us updated on all the latest news. He has recently announced that iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking solutions have been updated and are compatible with the latest versions of firmware. Even better news is that they are untethered solutions.

Unlock Is Available For Baseband 4.3.3, iPhone 4

You can now find online may sites offering the latest unlock the iPhone baseband version 4.3.3. Most unlocks available are compatible with the iPhone 3G/3Gs/4 but you should verify that your model is supported before you download and attempt to install.