Android hitting Apple is number of devices activated daily

We all thought that Apple was leading the market with over 300,000 iOS device activation everyday. This is what Steve Jobs had told last October. And looks like that figure has not been growing so well lately.

Singapore soldiers get iPad 2 as a standard issue

The usage of iPad 2 in the defense has become a common place these days. We have seen a lot of such defense forces being issued iPads. Now, its the turn of soldiers in Singapore. They will be given an iPad 2 each starting this fall. I guess the young recruits who will mostly be tech savvy will love this.

Techniques Used To Unlock Your iPhone

There is sometime confusion about the process of unlocking the iPhone. There are many sites online that promise products that just don’t work. Before you decide to unlock your iPhone you need to be certain that the product you are buying will do what it promises to do.